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Student Counseling & Wellness Services

Current Students

Your dental education is a time of great excitement, challenge and commitment.  It is an opportunity to explore your career path, meet new individuals and grow as a professional in your field.  As you embark on this journey, we understand life happens and are here to ensure you have the resources and support necessary to navigate through academics, family, relationships, social life and more.

In addition to the services below, we offer 

  • Crisis intervention
  • Wellness workshops and activities
  • Support groups, educational groups and "drop-in" groups

Our services are provided to students at no cost, at a time convenient to your schedule.  

Individual counseling and coaching services available to registered students

Counseling Services:

  • Depression
  • Eating and Body Image Issues
  • Life Transition Issues
  • Loss/Grief
  • Relationship Building
  • Stress and Anxiety
  • Substance Abuse/Addictive Issues
  • Anger Management

Coaching Services:

  • Concentration Skills
  • Motivation/Procrastination
  • School-Life Balance
  • Testing/Studying
  • Time Management

Services are provided ethically and confidentially by our on-site counselor, usually in a short term solution-focused model.  Individual therapy involves meetings with our counsel one-on-one and focus on the pressing issues for the student.

You may receive a referral to an outside clinic, community mental health agency, other Detroit Mercy resources or private practitioner if the counselor determines our program does not meet your individual needs.  In all cases, we work with you to determine the best approach to address your concerns.  If a referral is given, we will follow up to ensure you are able to effectively connect with the outside service.

Each person who seeks counseling services can expect to be treated with respect, recognition and understanding for whom they are regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, culture, class, sexual orientation, religious affiliation and/or disability.

Additional counseling services are available at the Detroit Mercy Personal Counseling Clinic on Detroit Mercy's Main Campus at 313-993-1170

Personal Wellness

Taking care of yourself is an integral part of maintaining good overall health and a fulfilling lifestyle.  Building reliable self care habits can affect your quality of life today and in your future.  The key to health and wellness is that you nurture your mind, body and spirit on a regular basis so you have inner resource to continue to provide for yourself and give back to others.  Creating self awareness offers you the opportunity for personal growth and provides you with foundation for future development.  Wellness services which are provided include:

  • Eating Behavior/Nutrition
  • Fitness Opportunities
  • Mindfulness Meditation
  • Sleep Hygiene
  • Spiritual Fulfillment
  • Stress Management
  • Test-taking/Studying
  • Time management

Additional Resources

Healthy Minds

Virtual Pamphlets

National Institute of Mental Health

McNichols Campus Counseling Clinic

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